Nutrition Programs  

Specialized Nutrition Programs  

We all want to live a healthy, vibrant life, but it’s not always easy. Busy schedules can lead to more reliance on processed foods and drive-thrus, social gatherings tend to revolve around food, and at the end of a long day we often reach for ice cream. When we do try to make the right decisions, it seems like there is always some new trendy diet or study, so it feels impossible to know what works.

At Avance Nutrition, we’re here to help you cut through the confusion, overcome the obstacles, and make the best choices for yourself and your family. We are proud to offer four three-month nutrition programs for the most common challenges related to diet and healthy eating. Each program includes a comprehensive initial assessment of your medical history, current challenges, and personal goals as well as bi-weekly, one-on-one appointments with your dietitian. You’ll not only gain functional tools and information, you’ll have the support and guidance you need to implement them into your life.

Weight Management

Break free from the diet roller coaster and learn the keys to long-lasting, sustainable weight loss with our Weight Management program. This program blends concrete skills like meal planning and stocking your pantry with learning how to trade emotional eating for intuitive eating.

Thriving with Diabetes

Having diabetes can feel overwhelming. Our Thriving with Diabetes program provides practical information to better understand the disease, prevent complications, and be the healthiest version of yourself. During this program, you’ll learn valuable meal planning and grocery shopping strategies as well as how to eat mindfully and discover foods you love.

Emotional Eating

While the primary goal of eating is to nourish and fuel our bodies, many of us turn to food for emotional reasons. If you often associate food with feelings and often binge eat in relation to your moods, our Emotional Eating program can help. This program is designed to help you understand your relationship with food and body image and how to recognize triggers that lead to emotional eating and how to replace them with new strategies and healthy habits.

Family Nutrition

If family mealtimes are stressful and exhausting, and you’re concerned about your children growing up with healthy eating habits, our Family Nutrition program may be right for you. You’ll get help with choosing recipes, stocking a healthy pantry, and meal planning so you can end the indecision and overwhelm surrounding mealtime. Also, you’ll learn how to replace emotional eating with intuitive eating for both yourself and your children.


Avance Nutrition Services has been great. They were able to help me reach my weight loss goals by providing education, guidance, and accountability. I recommend Avance to everyone who asks me how I lost all my weight.

Avance Nutrition Services has helped me to prepare a well thought out plan for weight loss and better health. They also encourage and are non-judgmental when you’ve slipped. They are supportive and encouraging and I always leave my appointments feeling good and confident, and with some great recipes and ideas.

Nutrition is the Path to Health and Wellness

If you are concerned about how the way you eat affects your health, we can help. Choose the program that best suits you, or, if you’re not sure which program is best for your unique needs, we can help. Click the button below to learn more or get started on with one of our nutrition programs today