Emotional Eating Program

Discover what is holding you back from developing a healthy relationship with food and your body with Avance Care’s Emotional Eating Program.

This is not a weight loss program. Although some weight change may occur while investigating your relationship with food, this program is primarily dedicated to establishing healthy habits and thought processes around food and embraces an anti-diet, weight inclusive mentality.

It is recommended that this program be completed in conjunction with Avance Care Behavior Wellness services.

Unsure whether you’re an emotional eater?
Take this quick self-assessment:

  • I often turn to food when I am feeling negative emotions such as stress or sadness, or in response to positive emotions such happiness.
  • I am constantly thinking about food, even after I just ate.
  • I hide my eating from my family and friends.
  • I feel a lot of shame and regret after I eat too much.
  • I feel unable to control myself around food.

If 2 or more of these statements apply to you, and you’ve never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, the emotional eating program may be beneficial for you!

What to Expect

  • A comprehensive initial assessment of your medical history, current lifestyle, and personal goals
  • Bi-weekly individual appointments with your dietitian
  • An in-depth understanding of what emotional eating is and how your relationship with food or your body image can be impacted by your personal experiences
  • Discussion of the complex relationship between physical health, emotional health, and eating behaviors
  • Practice implementing mindfulness techniques into your daily life
  • Stress management and intuitive eating skills practice
  • Exploration of new strategies for self-care and self-acceptance
  • Ongoing follow up with your dietitian

Program Cost

  • Most insurance plans cover this program. Our Specialty Services Coordinators will call your insurance provider to verify your benefits and will alert you of any co-pays or fees, if applicable.
  • This program is also available at the discounted self-pay rate of $499 for 6 appointments. Additional follow up with your dietitian can be added for $100 per 60 minutes.