Family Nutrition Program

Balanced nutrition for kids and the adults who love them!

Does your child grimace at anything green or demand dessert after every meal? Perhaps you are in a chicken nugget or pizza rut but want to create delicious and nutritious family meals? Learn how to raise healthy eaters and plan balanced meals in a relaxed and inviting environment for your family.

What to Expect

  • A comprehensive initial assessment of your children’s medical history, your current eating environment, and your family’s goals
  • Bi-weekly family appointments with your dietitian
  • Resources and education of feeding a healthy family by reducing stress around feeding and eating
  • Help with meal planning and recipe selection
  • A grocery store tour or fridge/pantry makeover
  • Practice with intuitive eating skills for adults and children
  • Skills for stress management and emotional eating
  • Ongoing follow up with your dietitian

Additional Support

Many families need additional support to implement changes in their household. This may include individual or family therapy, time with a speech, occupational, or physical therapist, connection with a feeding clinic, or support from a pediatrician. Your Avance Care team will help to identify and locate the support that will be most beneficial for your family.

Program Cost

  • Most insurance plans cover this program. Our Specialty Services Coordinators will call your insurance provider to verify your benefits and will alert you of any co-pays or fees, if applicable.
  • This program is also available at the discounted self-pay rate of $499 for 6 appointments. Additional follow up with your dietitian can be added for $100 per 60 minutes.