Weight Management Program

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Free yourself with Avance Care’s 3-month individualized weight loss program!

What to Expect

  • A comprehensive initial assessment of your medical history, current lifestyle, and personal goals
  • Bi-weekly individual appointments with your dietitian
  • Help with meal planning and recipe selection
  • A grocery store tour or fridge/pantry makeover
  • Support for safe physical activity
  • Practice with intuitive eating skills
  • Preparation for out to eat meals and special occasions
  • Skills for stress management and emotional eating
  • Ongoing follow up with your dietitian

Program Cost

  • Most insurance plans cover this program. Our Specialty Services Coordinators will call your insurance provider to verify your benefits and will alert you of any co-pays or fees before your initial appointment.
  • This program is also available at the discounted self-pay rate of $499 for 6 appointments. Additional follow up with your dietitian can be added for $100 per 60 minutes.

Patients that follow our program have seen

  • Healthy weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week
  • Up to a 100-pound weight loss after 1 year (with continued follow up after 6 sessions)
  • Up to 15% body weight loss in first 3 months
  • Reductions in LDL cholesterol up to 106 mg/dL
  • Reductions in triglycerides up to 395 mg/dL
  • Reductions in A1c (blood sugar) up to 5.9%


Avance Nutrition Services has been great. They were able to help me reach my weight loss goals by providing education, guidance, and accountability. I recommend Avance to everyone who asks me how I lost all my weight.

Avance Nutrition Services has helped me to prepare a well thought out plan for weight loss and better health. They also encourage and are non-judgmental when you’ve slipped. They are supportive and encouraging and I always leave my appointments feeling good and confident, and with some great recipes and ideas.