Christina Dauer, MPH, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Director of Nutrition Services, Diabetes, Prediabetes

Christina is a diabetes specialist dietitian who sees the person before she sees the diabetes. She understands that diabetes, its diagnosis, and day-to-day care can be overwhelming, exhausting and bring out many emotions. She believes that every person with diabetes wants to live a long and healthy life, and she is dedicated to understanding the challenges faced by each person, their unique strengths, and their health goals. She applies a strengths-based approach to working with her patients–focusing on relationship-building, and the development of a highly personalized plan for helping people thrive with diabetes. She also loves working with those who have been diagnosed with prediabetes. You will find Christina’s counseling style to be relaxed, conversational and non-judgmental, with some sprinklings of humor in the mix.

Christina has an avid curiosity about her field, her patients, and her colleagues. Her dedication to achieving a high standard of training and knowledge has led her to be the Director of Nutrition Services at Avance Care. She also holds leadership and committee positions within the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.

Outside of her professional life Christina loves gardening, playing piano, hiking and keeping her nose in a good book. She will love to hear about the local restaurants you tried last weekend, your favorite binge-worthy shows, and your pets.

Christina Dauer is amazing. Her non-judgmental stance has helped me begin to make progress in my goals around my attitude to exercise and diet. As a doctoral level mental health professional with close to 25 years of experience, my endorsement of Ms. Dauer’s competence and professionalism comes from an experienced and informed place.
Christina Dauer is extremely knowledgeable, has an encyclopedia of available tools to motivate and track progress and goes out of her way to help her clients with her empathy, sense of humor, and ability to hold one accountable.. This is the very first time I’ve been IMPRESSED with nutritional help. I have tried others and was never inclined to continue, but this time has been amazing.
I truly enjoyed my session Christina is a truly delightful person and very professional she made the session very knowledgeable
Christina Dauer has worked with me through a 75 lb loss that has seen my A1c fall from 12+to 5.0