Elizabeth Elam, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Diabetes, Weight Management, Family/Pediatric Nutrition

The food and diet industry has a strong voice in our culture, leaving many people that search for answers to their health concerns either mis-informed or simply confused!  Liz wants all her patients to feel confident.  Confident that they have the knowledge to navigate isles of the grocery store or a restaurant menu, confident in their meal planning, feeding and cooking skills, and confident in how they might interpret an article about the latest diet or health study.  She values the provider-patient relationship, knowing that trust, compassion, and empathy are at its core.  She enjoys educating and problem-solving, helping the patient tailor and carry out a personalized plan to achieve their health goals.  As a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Liz is especially passionate about helping patients navigate the complexities of diabetes self-management. 

Outside of her professional life Liz “wrangles” her two wild boys, ages 3 and 9 months.  In Liz’s eyes, the perfect day starts out with an enormous cup of coffee and a long run, lots of outside playtime, followed by naps for the kids while she experiments in the kitchen with new recipes, and ends with a peaceful dinner, snuggles, and everyone in bed by 7:30.  Does this perfect day happen most of the time… no way!  If there is one thing Liz has learned in the past few years of motherhood, it is that nothing is perfect.  This translates to nutrition as well.  In her nutrition practice, Liz encourages overhauling “perfect” and replacing it with “practical”.

Being a part of Nutrition Services is so amazing. I have been given information about my diabetes that is so beneficial to my health. Thanks Liz

I like having someone work with me on a personal level. My nutritionist, Elizabeth, seems genuinely interested in my well-being and also in me as a person. She is intent on educating, suggesting and helping me in choosing the best options for my body, but at the same time not pushy. As a matter of fact, she is easy to talk with. I also like being able to meet with her from the comfort of my home.

I have really enjoyed my experiences at Avance Nutrition Services. She is very clear in her delivery and always attentive. Diabetes nutrition is so important to my daily management of food and Elizabeth has certainly made a positive impact on my choices.

Elizabeth Elam is the BEST! She is so kind, patient, and truly gets to know you and your life so she can help you navigate nutrition based on knowing those things. I would recommend her hands down.