Julia Bumpus, MS, RDN, LDN

Diabetes, Prediabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Pediatric/Family Nutrition

Julia sees herself as an empathetic and down to earth dietitian whose process works best when she gets to know you on a personal level. She is an active listener providing the needed support while possessing the knowledge and passion to help patients understand the science behind nutrition. Julia loves to teach anyone with an inquisitive ear.  Patients describe her as friendly and upbeat with a true passion for nutrition and helping people feel their very best. Julia understands that altering habits can be challenging and uses an individualized approach to meet every person where they are to facilitate change.  During your sessions, you will receive positive coaching, education, and creative brainstorming to help overcome barriers that have previously prevented the accomplishment of nutrition goals.  She feels her strengths include compassion, an ability to connect on a personal level and ability to isolate and solve the problem.

Julia wants to provide the highest level of care by obtaining her certification as a Diabetes Care & Education Specialist. She focuses her continuing education on expanding her diabetes knowledge and learning more about the unique needs of the pediatric population.

In her free time, Julia prioritizes time with family, friends and of course her fur baby (Bentley the boykin spaniel). Her interests include shopping, reading, getting hooked on a good tv show, true crime podcasts, walking outside, drinking wine, and her dog. She is currently expecting her first non-fur baby and looking forward to experiencing the challenges of her own pediatric patient!

Julia does a great job: knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough! Always looking for new ways to improve my diet and nutrition!

Julia Bumpus is warm, welcoming and she makes you feel comfortable. She listened and learned with what part of my nutrition I needed help. She even planned to connect with my doctor to discuss one particular aspect of the nutrients I need to monitor. I felt confident leaving her office that I was (am) on the right track and with a better idea of how to safely vary my diet.

Julia has been so helpful in guiding me to change my thinking about food and focus on little changes that will lead to life long results over time. I would definitely recommend it.

I love the nutritionist! Julia has made is so easy to stay motivated to achieve my weight loss goals. She’s very knowledgeable, as well as friendly and personable. She never judges and truly wants to help her patients.